The Golden Rise Villas and Spa Development is located in the verdant foothills of Nevis Peak, in the historical and exclusive area of Golden Rock Estate, Gingerland, Nevis, overlooking the historical and world famous Golden Rock Plantation Inn (See attached Google Map).

The development would consist of six (6) three bedroom villas and an ultra-modern Spa and would be perched on the highest point that the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) would allow construction in that area. This adds tremendous value to the development since the views can never be obstructed and privacy never invaded or compromised.

The elevation of the development affords constant cooling mountain breezes along with spectacular vistas of the mountain, the sea, historic Saddle Hill and the neighborhood islands of Antigua, Montserrat and Redonda.

The secluded and exclusive mountain retreat is ideally located moments away from the local nature trails and wild life habitat.

It would be marketed as the most exclusive villa development and health retreat in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Golden Rise Villas allows purchasers two (2) options to qualify for citizenship in St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis. These two (2) options are:

  1. Full or outright ownership of property.
  2. Fractional ownership of one tenth (1/10th) share of the property.
  1. Full ownership, is available. Price available upon request.
  2. The owner has the option to occupy the villa or to enter the property into rental programme where an income may be earned when property is not occupied by owner.
  3. Full owners have complete access to all of the amenities of the development.
  4. Full owners must be part of the Home Owners Association, which would be operated by the development.
  5. Full owners are required to pay monthly Home Owners Association fees. These fees are to be paid monthly and would be used for the general upkeep and maintenance of the property and common areas, security and landscaping.
  6. If the property is entered into the rental pool payment of taxes, insurances, utilities and any other associated fees would be negotiable with the management company.
  7. Owners must maintain ownership of property for five (5) years under the Citizenship by Investment Programme. If sold before five (5) years citizenship would be lost.
  1. For a fractional ownership, a minimum investment of USD$400,000.00 is required.
  2. Fractional ownership means that each purchaser would own one tenth (1/10th) fraction of each villa.
  3. This fractional ownership would allow the owner to be in possession of the villa for up to twenty six calendar days per year based on availability. Terms and Conditions may apply.
  4. Fractional owners have access to all amenities of the development.
  5. All fractionals are placed in a rental pool. Proceeds from the rental are shared where owners and the management company each get forty percent (40%).
  6. Twenty percent (20%) would be used by the management company to pay all utilities, taxes, insurance, property maintenance, common areas, landscaping.
  7. Owners must maintain ownership of property for five (5) years under the Citizenship by Investment Programme. If sold before five (5) years citizenship would be lost.
Owners of the units at Golden Rise Villas have the option to enter a rental programme. This programme would be managed by a management company and would allow the owners to obtain an income from their property when not occupied by the owner.